Infrastructure systems consume more than 60% of the entire plant’s electricity bill.

EcoPlant is a cloud based platform, for infrastructure systems such as air compressor systems, chillers cooling/heating systems and vacuum pumping systems.

The platform monitor, alert, control and recommend, by connecting directly to the machines (PLC) and other sensors that installed on the output lines. A unique algorithm designed to learn on real-time the current machine status and act towards energy efficiency (for ex – automatically changing set-point of line pressure on air systems).

EcoPlant was founded in 2016, by 3 entrepreneurs with an aim and passion to maximize efficiently for industrial plants and service companies.

Industry 4.0, Industrial internet of things, IIOT, are different names to the same revolutionary – Connect machines and other things inside the industrial plant, through the internet and give unique insights about productivity and efficiency.

Maintenance or Production Manager? Energy Supervisor?

We believe that with the right tools, right working regime and information and knowledge
You will save up to 50% on the electricity bill!

Service provider?

By monitor and remote control, you will never miss a periodic maintenance treatment, You will know exactly when to send your most qualified technician to fix the right problem, with the right tools.

So… What are you waiting for?

SAVE UP TO 50% of your electricity bill.

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EcoNomic, Ecology, EcoPlant.


EcoPlant is an energy-saving platform which consists hardware and software, that connects directly to any industrial control equipment
that installed on machines, sensors, etc.

Plug&Play hardware
Connects to any machine (PLC)/Sensor
in less than 5 minutes!
Secure environment – 3 separated layers.
Multiple levels of authorization - Information stored on Google platform servers.
Compatible with iOS/Android, PC and Tablets
Customized Alerts
In addition to the alerts that appear on the PLC machine screen, you can determine customized alerts such as threshold before lockout.
Alerts appears on dashboard,
email or SMS.
Remote Control
ON/OFF, Reset, Mode change, Determining SP, Schedule manual/automatic work regime for one or more machines
(Central Control System).
Analyze and machine learning
Unique algorithm analyzes and learn the machine uses, running automated processes where it necessary to increase efficiency.
Get an intelligence insight of your machines and equipment by Analytic reports and Dynamic History log.
Watch & Monitor
Monitor any equipment in real time!
See the current status of each fault or error, watch temperature, line pressure, KW or any relevant measure in real time.
The System Is Available For

Perfect solution for technicians who can look into customer site, analyze the data and get the right decision to solve customer challenges.


Watch & Monitor through a dashboard all your systems in the factory. Get energy-saving reports to increase your infrastructure machines efficiency.


Get maintenance alerts through application, SMS, or Email. Compatible with iOS/Android Remote Control from your smartphone at any time from any place!

Dealers and service providers:
Don’t miss a maintenance treatment of your client!
25/25 – Saving 25% on operational expenses, increase 25% of your income from maintenance
Send the RIGHT technician to the RIGHT call to solve to RIGHT problem
Industrial Plants:
Energy-Saving platform – Saves up to 50% of the electricity bill!
Reduce Downtime and machine replacement
Keep the entire system efficient ON-LINE

Increasing the Bottom Line!


With more than 30 years’ expertise on air compressor and hydraulic systems, Moti consulting have saved MILLIONS of DOLLARS to dozens of industrial plants in terms of operation costs and energy bill.
Mechanical practical engineer and aviation, Technicon.

Since 2005, Aviran was involved in ERP and other enterprise software solutions at a variety of roles
Implementing and training, managing projects, and sales executive at SAP Business One.
B.A in communications, M.B.A from College of management academic studies

8 years’ experience in software development and data analyst in machine learning and BI systems.
B.sc from Ben Gurion University.


Industrial plants from all sectors – food, steel, plastic who have air compressor systems, cooling/heating systems, or any other systems that are using large amount of energy.
Service companies that sales machines or gives repairing services to factories or even consumers, and wants to save money and time by remote connecting to their equipment.

Usually Machinery Rooms, but not only! – Chillers/Heat Pumps, Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Generators, Any standard PLC.
Each equipment that have standard communication port such as RS485, RS232, TCP/IP can be connected. Also, machines can connect also by 4-20 amp.
Check compatibility NOW!

Contact us, in specific cases, we can make some adjustments.

Yes. EcoPlant platform uses the information that gathers from the equipment and shows the electricity consumption separately in REAL TIME. The user knows how much energy he spent on each machine at any point in time.

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