Critical equipment such as air compressors, chillers, and pumps, accounts for almost 60% of the planet’s energy expenditure. Infrastructure inefficiencies result in up to 50% energy waste due to uncalibrated machines, leaks and blockages, over capacity, unplanned downtime, and more. All of this tallies up to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

EcoPlant has developed a SaaS solution that connects to air compressors’ controllers and pipeline sensors to continuously monitor, control, and optimize the entire system. Using predictive AI algorithms, EcoPlant conducts ongoing energy surveys and dynamically controls each compressor, as well as the entire system, to significantly reduce energy waste and optimize maintenance. This enables continuous savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

EcoPlant’s proprietary algorithms can also be applied in settings such as hospitals and commercial buildings, as well as critical infrastructure equipment like pumps and chillers.

EcoNomic, Ecology, EcoPlant.


EcoPlant is an energy-saving platform that connects directly to any industrial control equipment installed on machines, sensors, etc.

Plug & Play
Anyone can quickly and easily install on any device
Cloud-Based, Highly Secured
IBM Watson IoT/Google Cloud, OT/IT connectivity
Mobile Control
Allows full control over settings and adjustments
Equipment Profiler
Prevents energy redundancy by recommending machinery requirements, design, and calibration
Autonomous Control
Dynamically changes the sequence of operations
Predictive Analytics
Predicts malfunctions, leakages, and blockages before they occur and alerts the service provider
Real-Time Monitor
Recognizes and fulfills exact energy demands, and provides real-time monitoring and alerts
Baseline Optimizer
Recommendations based on dynamically-built KPIs
The System Is Available For


Technicians who can look into the customer’s site, analyze the data, and make the right decision to solve the customer’s challenges.


Monitor all of your factory’s systems on one dashboard. Get energy-saving reports to increase your infrastructure machines’ efficiency.


Get maintenance alerts through an app, SMS, or email. Compatible with iOS/Android for remote control from your smartphone at any time.

Dealers and service providers:
Upsell and create new revenue streams
Reduce costs of manpower, operations, and maintenance
Increase customer loyalty
Industrial Plants:
Benefit from significant energy savings (up to 50%!)
Optimize your equipment
Reduce CO2 emissions

Increasing the Bottom Line!


With more than 30 years’ expertise with air compressor and hydraulic systems, Moti has saved dozens of industrial plants millions of dollars in operational costs and energy bills.
Moti holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and Aviation from the Technion.

Since 2005, Aviran has been involved in ERP and other enterprise software solutions in a variety of roles, which included implementing and training, managing projects, and serving as a sales executive at SAP Business One.
Aviran holds a B.A in Communications and M.B.A from College of Management Academic Studies.

Eight years’ experience in software development and as a data analyst working on machine learning and BI systems. Yaron holds a B.Sc from Ben Gurion University.

  • Industrial plants from all sectors (food, steel, plastic, etc.) who have air compressor systems, cooling/heating systems, or any other systems that use a large amount of energy.
  • Service companies that sell machines or provide repairing services to factories/consumers and want to save time and money by remote connecting to their equipment.
  • Machinery rooms, chillers/heat pumps, air compressors, vacuum pumps, generators, and any standard PLC.
  • Equipment that has a standard communication port, such as RS485, RS232, TCP/IP. Machines can also connect by 4-20 amp.

Contact us. In specific cases, we can make some adjustments.

Yes. The EcoPlant platform uses the information that it gathers from the equipment and shows the electricity consumption separately in REAL TIME. The user then knows how much energy they used on each machine at any point in time.

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